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BBC Radio 3 1981-96

BBC Radio 3

Green Sky over White Bend

A short story by TOM MACINTYRE 

An Irish writer Is invited to an American university to give a reading of his poetry. It turns out to be a nightmare experience. 

Read by T.P. McKenna


BBC Drama Studios Layout

BBC Radio 3

That Man, Bracken


Narrated by T.P. McKenna

Brendan Bracken was born In County Tipperary in 1901, we son of a notorious Fenian agitator. The play tells of his meteoric rise to power in the British Establishment and his eventual ennoblement as Viscount Bracken of Christchurch.
Unknown: Marie Kean
Brendan Bracken: Alan Rickman
Warden: John Hollis
Headmaster: Brett Usher
Bracken's mother: Marie Kean
Woman at the cocktail party: Melinda Walker
Woman at the cocktail party: Tessa Worsley
Popsie as a girl: Elaine Claxton
Eddie: Graham Blockey
Churchill: Peter Woodthorpe
Clemmie: Anne Jameson
Popsie's mother: Gwen Cherrell
Popsie in later years: Pauline Letts
Geoffrey: Christopher Ettridge
Tory Party committee member: Peter Howell
Tory Party committee member: Richard Durden
Lord Castlerosse: Denys Hawthorne
Lord Beaverbrook: Bruce Boa


BBC Manchester
BBC Radio 3

Studio 3

Fine Day for a Hunt by TOM MACINTYRE

Narrator T.P. McKenna
Eighteenth-century Ireland: beagles and hunters are ready for the dash across an Irish landscape. In a ditch a twig cracks, birds take fright, and the hunted one catches breath. 
With Nicholas Courtney, Michael Graham, Rachel Gurney, Peter Howell, Cara Kelly, Taylor McAuley, Breffni McKenna, Ian Michie, Hilary Reynolds, John Samson, Geoffrey Whitehead, John Moffatt and Sean Barrett

BBC Radio 3

The Putney Debates

The debates among the General Council of the New Model Army held in Putney Church between 28 October and 1 November 1647.
Devised and adapted for radio by Jack Emery with an introduction by Christopher Hill
Oliver Cromwell: Timothy West
Henry Ireton: T. P . McKenna
Thomas Gainborough: Brian Glover
Edward Sexby: Michael McStat
Robert Everard: John Bardoh
John Wildman: Gordon Reid
Lewis Audley/Francis White: Martin Matthews
William Golfe: John Church
Nathaniel Rich: Jack Emery
Recorded in All Saints Church, Fulham
Directed by Piers Plowright

BBC Radio 3

Purple Dust


Two English gentlemen, one boasting of his money, the other of his breeding, decide to settle with their Irish mistresses in the beautiful Irish countryside. Unfortunately for them, neither money nor breeding is any match for the wit and guile displayed by the native Irish. The results are both hilarious and tragic.
Pogue: Davtd Makch
O'Killigain: Stephen Brennan
First workman: Dermot Crowley
Second workman: Norman Rodway
Third workman: Sean Barrett
Strokes: Shaun Scott
Souhaun ,: Sorcha Cusack
Avril: Martin Stanley
Cloyne: Marcella Riordan
Canon: T P McKenna
Adapted and directed by SUSAN HOGG (R)
BBC Radio 3

The Music of W.B. Yeats

An enquiry by Ann Mann with the help of Brian Boydell , Marie Goossens , John Kelly , Brendan Kennelly , Ronald Schuchard and Michael Yeats 
and Grainne Yeats 
Mr Yeats himself is, on his own confession, completely insensitive to music. If he were not, a great many settings of his poems - which, since they are to be had in print, have presumably been passed by his censor, would cause him considerable pain. 
(PETER WARLOCK, 1922) with and SHEILA GRANT , PAUL GREGORY and IAN THOMPSON as the other voices 
Music played by CARL DOLMETSCH (psaltery) and ANN collis (percussion) Producer piers PLOWRIGHT
BBC Radio 3

The Friday Play

Cock-a-Doodle Dandy by Sean O'Casey (adapted by Peter Kavanagh)

'Oh man, your religion should tell you th' biggest fight th' holy saints ever had was with temptations from good-looking women....' 
Michael Marthraun , a rich farmer, tries to stem the flood of permissiveness in rural Ireland. However, a beautifully plumed cock is now calling people to love and Merrymaking.
Marthraun: Joseph O'Conor
SMahan: Stephen Brennan
Fr Domineer: T P McKenna
Lorna: Pauline Delany
Loreleen: Felicity Hayes-McCoy
Marion: Marcella Riordan
Shanaar: Allan McClelland
Messenger: Alan Devlin
First rough fellow/One-Eyed Larry: John Kavanagh
Second rough fellow Lorry driver: Shay Dox
Sergeant: Harry Webster
Porter: Ronald Herdman
Bellman/Cock: Shaun Prendergast
Julia: Elaine Claxton

Sean O'Casey

BBC Radio 3

Drama Now

Rise up Lovely Sweeney 
Unable to come to terms with women, religion or morality, Sweeney, the archetypal Celt, heads for the woods to find a more tolerable reality by becoming one with the birds of the air. 
Sweeney: Tom Hickey
Interrogator: T P McKenna
Sweeney's wife: Kate Binchey
Hag: Catherine Gibson
Matron: Roma Tomelty
Madman: Ian McElhinney
Nurse: Michelle Forbes
Inmate: Joe McPartland
Written and adapted by Music for uillean pipes, written and performed by Robbie Hannon. 
Director Eoin O'Callaghan
BBC Radio 3

Drama Now

Where the Boys Are by MAURICE LEITCH. 
The boys are together again for an evening of humour and nostalgia. But tribal rituals can be dangerous. 
Moss: T. P. McKenna
Terry: Sean Barrett
Kate: Susan Fleetwood
Wilbur: Des McAleer
Mrs Trumper: Anna Cropper
Mr Poison-Browne: John Gabriel
Mrs Poison-Browne: Margaret Courtenay
Directed by PENNY GOLD
BBC Radio 3

Pebble Mill

Talich Quartet live from Studio 1, Birmingham. 
Schumann String Quartet in A minor, Op 41 No 
Fiser String Quartet 
8.10 The Hotel

TP McKenna reads 
Michael Harding 's short story. The arrival of a priest at a small hotel causes delight then havoc as his secret is revealed. 
8.30 Smetana String 
Quartet No 1 in E minor (From My Life)
BBC Radio 3

Between Ourselves

Cecil Lewis - aviator,  BBC founder, journalist, author and a sprightly 93 - pays affectionate homage to his early mentor, the versatile pre-Raphaelite 
Charles Ricketts. Drawing on their correspondence, his own vivid memories and other accounts, he recreates the excitement and sense of revelation of a bright young man who found himself the friend of men like Ricketts and Shaw. 
With John Gielgud as Charles Ricketts , RA (1866-1931). 
Charles Ricketts: John Gielgud
Bernard Shaw: T P McKenna
Young Cecil: Paul Downing
Sturge Moore: Ian Lindsay
Producer John Theocharis

Sir John Gielgud

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