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BBC Radio 4 1979 - 1987

BBC Radio 4 FM

Saturday-Afternoon Theatre

A Mackerel Sky and Apple Green by BRIAN LEE
With T.P. McKenna, Jim Norton, Kate Binchy
Father Collins is a vegetable-arian and he says you mustn't kill any animals - and the cook does. And he doesn't worship the sun, but he must if he's religious because God made the sun. And you should take your clothes off if you're a proper vegetable-arian. 
Bishop: Keep still in your seat. You'll have me liqueur over. 
Liam: But you're a Bishop. And you're eating animals ! 

Jim Norton

BBC Radio 4 FM

Classic Serial: The Sea, The Sea

Iris Murdoch 's Booker Prize-winning novel, dramatised in four parts. 
With John Wood as Charles, Joyce Redman as Hartley,  Sian Phillips as Rosina, Tamara Ustinov as Lizzie and T.P. McKenna as Peregrine
3: When People Leave People ... they do it suddenly. Charles is determined to prise Hartley out of her bitter marriage and help comes to him, miraculously, from the sea. But he hadn't been counting on a houseful of theatrical visitors, and the arrival of his Buddhist cousin James. 

BBC Radio 4 FM

Globe Theatre

A season of six plays by leading writers broadcast both on Radio 4 and on the BBC World Service.

1: Events at Drimaghleen by WILLIAM TREVOR
In a melancholy townland of modest farms, set amid the wind and the wet of some of the worst land in the west of Ireland, young Maureen McDowd cycles off to meet her lover. And so begins the horror of the tragedy that, on a chilled May morning, awaits the people of Drimaghleen.... 
Fr Sallins: T P McKenna
Hetty Fortune: Sarah Badel
O'Kelly: Sean Barrett
McDowd: P G Stephens
Mrs McDowd: Kate Binchy
Tyler: Nigel Anthony
Mrs Casey: Carmel McSharry
Carmody: Breffni McKenna
Maureen: Marcella Riordan
McDowd family: Kilian McKenna
McDowd family: Aine McCartney
Music composed by COLIN SELL played by DEIRDRE DODS (oboe) WILFRED GIBSON (violin) and LOWRI BLAKE (cello) 
World Service production

BBC Radio 4 FM

Saturday-Night Theatre

The Seagull by ANTON CHEKHOV A version by THOMAS KILROY with and Chekhov's classic play is transposed to the West of Ireland in 1896. Social unrest and a crumbling society form the background to personal turmoil as Isobel Desmond , great actress of the London stage, returns to her Irish estate and a family trapped in a complex and vicious circle. 
Isobel Desmond: Anna Massey
Aston: Alan Rickman
Constantine: Dominic Guard
Lily: Fiona Victory
Dr Hickey: T P McKenna
Pauline: Kate Binchy
Peter: Alan MacNaughtan
Mary: Maggie McCarthy
James: Sean Barrett
Gregory: Tony Doyle
Jack: Breffn McKenna
Radio 4/World Service production

Alan Rickman

BBC Radio 4 FM

Mr McNamara

William Trevor 's prize-winning play tells of a father's friend, whom he meets when he travels to Dublin on business. The friend is much-talked of in the household ... but there's a shock in store for the family. 
Michael (Old): Sean Barrett
Michael (Young): Nicholas Boulton
Michael's father: T P McKenna
Michael's mother: Kate Binchy
Amelia/Annie: Judith McSpadden
Charlotte: Teresa Gallagher
Miss Ryan: Elaine Claxton
Flanagan/Clergyman: P G Stephens
Kindersley: Tom Bevan
Headmaster: Alan McNaughtan
Barman/Housemaster: James Berwick
Woman in bar/Bridget: Marcella Riordan
Prefect/boy/announcer: Peter Kenny
Director David Hitchinson
A BBC World Service Drama Production
BBC Radio 4 FM

The Monday Play

The Class of 39 by PATRICK . GALVIN Ireland 1939 
A frightening level of sexual and religious violence is uncovered when Franklin, a lay-teacher and veteran of the Spanish Civil War, arrives at a boys' reform school run by Christian Brothers. 
Murphy/Fr Driscoll: Chris Gannon
Franklin: Sean Barrett
Superior: T P McKenna
Brother Tom: Bill Hunter
Brother John: Alan McClelland
Brother Mac: Kevin Flood
Poliiceman/Narator: Alan Barry
Delany: Susan Sheridan
Mercer: Elizabeth Lindsay
Peters: Bernadette Windsor
Rogers: Denise Bryer
Duggan: Mairin Mythen
Mr Delany: John Rogan


BBC Northern Ireland
BBC Radio 4 FM

Afternoon Theatre

Say No to Shantonagh by ALAN BERRIE
The death of his father prompts the end of Tom Fox 's self-exile from Dublin - an exile caused by the suicide of Tom's girlfriend. Among those who remember the reasons for Tom's departure is the girl's brother, a man with the power to wreak a terrible revenge on Tom. 
Tom Fox: Norman Rodway
Mick McCreedy: T P McKenna
Jack Deasy: Alan MacNaughton
Directed by ROBERT COOPER 
BBC Northern Ireland
BBC Radio 4 FM

Afternoon Theatre

The Marches of Wales by GEORGE BAKER 
The opening stages of the American War of Independence are witnessed through the eyes of soldiers garrisoned in the town of Boston. 
Sergeant Daniel believes this is a safe time to enlist his son into the regiment. Meanwhile his commanding officer is involved in a manoeuvre designed to secure a lasting peace ... 
Mr Mackenzie: T P McKenna
Sgt Daniel: Gerald James
Jonathan Harrington: Kerry Shale
John Parker: Danny Brainin
Sgt Thomas: Ray Handy
Peggy Evans: Christine Pollon
Bess: Lisabeth Miles
William: Philip Howe
Maj Piteairn: James Benson
Mr Treads: Christian Rodska
Hawkins: Jim Mills
Ruth: Marilyn Le Conte
Roger: Philip Lober
Directed by ADRIAN MOURBY 

BBC Wales

George Baker

BBC Radio 4 FM

The Afternoon Play Felix Randal

An account of what might have been the events that prompted poet and Jesuit priest Gerard Manley Hopkins to write his famous poem Felix Randal. ... events that struck terror into the soul of the farrier. 
Hopkins: Hugh Ross
Felix: John Keegan
Mary: Marcella Riordan
Fr Clare: T P McKenna
Directed by ROBERT COOPER 
BBC Manchester
BBC Radio 4 FM

The Sunday Feature

A dramatised account of the impeachment of Warren Hastings , ex-Governor-General of Bengal, before the House of Lords. An ordeal that lasted over 149 days from February 1788 to April 1795. 
In England the state is embodied in its laws; in India it is embodied in men. The whole history of Asia proves the invariable exercise of arbitrary power. Those who give and those who receive arbitrary power are alike criminal. It is a contradiction in terms, it is blasphemy in religion, it is wickedness in politics.
Warren Hastings: Edward de Souza
Edmund Burke: T P McKenna
William Markham: Eric Stovell
Sir Philip Francis: Richard Durden
Mrs Hastings: Paulane Letts
Mr Law: John Church
BBC Radio 4 FM

The Afternoon Play

Downstarts by ELAINE MORGAN
The abrupt departure of Bessie Shaw from her family home in Dublin had a devastating effect on both husband and children, but it liberated young George and offered him a route to conquer the world.
George Bernard Shaw: T P McKenna
Bessie: Helen Ryan
Denys Hawthorne, Stephen Brennan, Dermot Crowley and Marcella Riordan 
Directed by ADRIAN MOURBY 
BBC Wales

George Bernard Shaw

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